Vienna Layers

D.Ra sweater vertical

Smiling horizontal

Vienna D.Ra vertical


D.Ra sweater, Gap boyfriend jeans, Loeffler Randall sandals, Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglassesClare Vivier Messenger Bag

I only brought one bag with me to Europe but it has most definitely been the right choice. If I were to do a “what’s in my bag” post it would be the the purse equivalent of a clown car. Yesterday I packed my wallet, sunglasses, a sweater, long-sleeve tee for Chris, dried kiwi snacks (mmm, can’t forget those), cell, charger and umbrella. And you know what? We used them all!

Packing light hasn’t been an option. So far when we’ve left the hotel, we haven’t come back until night. Tired but happy.

Tomorrow, on the other hand, I’m looking forward to just sleeping in for awhile. Of course I always want to soak up as much I can on vacations, but there’s also no substitute for plain R&R. Hope your Memorial Day travels (or staycations) treated you well.

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  1. Sabina B. { 05.29.14 at 11:32 pm }

    Love the knitwear, nice look!

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