Swimsuits: One Love

The Line NYC Swim | Like Fresh Laundry

Line Magazine Venice Beach Bum | Like Fresh Laundry

Erica Tanov | Like Fresh Laundry

It’s go time folks. It’s high summer, which means it’s time to unveil that beach body you’ve been working on, (or haven’t, whatever). Choosing the right swimsuit option is like a game of Goldilocks — you don’t want to show too much skin, or too little, but instead find something just right. We’ve found the answer in the form of some¬†surprisingly sexy one-pieces.

Between a few plunging necklines, well-placed seams and cutouts,¬†it’s good looks on the maillot front. Shop our favorite one-and-done picks below.

Images via The Line, Line Magazine, Erica Tanov

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