H&M sweater/tights, Juicy Couture skirt,  vintage necklace, Asos bag, Jeffrey Campbell wedges

All my random purchases recently have culminated in this outfit. I’ve barely taken this H&M sweater off since I’ve bought it. So comfy and goes with everything — even my new feather skirt.

Soaked up so much vitamin D this weekend. On Saturday I went hiking with friends and then out to Butter Bar, a trailer trash-themed establishment that also serves late night cheesy tots and mac ‘n’ cheese. On Sunday Chris and I went to some scenic sites around South San Francisco and then got barbecue. Beautiful views and fatty food — that’s my idea of a fairy tale.

15 Responses to “Storybook”

  1. RosaLovesDC { 03.14.11 at 9:10 am }

    Your necklace is gorgeous! I always like to find interesting pieces of vintage jewelry. One of my favorite necklace is vintage.

  2. Alicia { 03.14.11 at 9:39 am }

    Amazing photos!!! Loving your floral bag 😉

  3. kirsty { 03.14.11 at 1:59 pm }

    want this top looooads xx

  4. sterlingstyle { 03.14.11 at 3:51 pm }

    I have that sweater and really love it! Looks stunning on you! I still want to meet up soon!

  5. Natalie { 03.14.11 at 7:26 pm }

    Thanks Taylor! Yes, definitely let’s meet up! Hope all’s well. Loving the Glitter Guide Tumblr.

  6. Kate { 03.15.11 at 8:36 am }

    You are seriously stunning! ah, I love this jumper so much. I need to go to h&m asap! Hope you have a wonderful day!! xo

  7. Dawn { 03.15.11 at 2:11 pm }

    Great look and amazing photos

  8. Savvy in San Francisco { 03.15.11 at 4:07 pm }

    Love the feather skirt and the tights! So cute!

  9. Alice { 03.17.11 at 10:23 am }

    Remember that poster you had in your room about a fairy tale?

  10. Natalie { 03.17.11 at 10:29 am }

    Alice — I think so. The one where the couple was dancing in the rain? Throwback…

  11. Alice { 03.18.11 at 6:35 am }

    No, not that one. The one that was an ad for something, and you completely rewrote it because their version was not your idea of a fairy tale.

  12. Natalie { 03.18.11 at 1:17 pm }

    Ha! I don’t remember that but I wish I did!

  13. Lisa Lau { 04.22.11 at 11:25 am }

    Love this whimsical and chic outfit!

  14. Anna { 04.23.11 at 7:49 am }

    This place looks like an absolute fairy tale! Beautiful photos :)

  15. Dee { 01.06.13 at 4:06 am }

    Beautiful location! Where is this?

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