The Simplest Closest Update

Neutrals | Like Fresh Laundry

Neutrals | Like Fresh Laundry

Neutrals | Like Fresh Laundry

Splendid tee, Joie jacket, Reliquary necklace, old black necklace, Helmut Lang skirt, Alexander Wang heels (similar), Clare V. bag, Sweet & Spark bracelet (shop my “Master Minimalism” collection here), Spark and Pepper ring

Sometimes it’s surprisingly easy to ignore the wardrobe issues sitting right under your nose, (no pun intended). For the past few years, the part of my closet that consistently bummed me out was my tees and tanks.

I only had a couple I liked, so when I wore sweaters or blouses I’d purposely pick the saddest, oldest and most ill-fitting ones to wear so I didn’t “waste” the good ones on an outfit where you wouldn’t actually see them. But recently I finally bought a few of tees I absolutely love and got rid of the rest. It’s the smallest change, but such an impactful one.

How do you feel about your under layers? Do you invest in them or “save” the ones you like for certain outfits? If you’re in the market, my favorites are this and this from Splendid, this AG tee and this crewneck tee from Vince.

5 Responses to “The Simplest Closest Update”

  1. Rachel { 03.27.15 at 8:15 pm }

    So true !! This is a good tip for me as I tend to hold onto to comfy t-shirts long after their natural life is over. I do this all the time! Will review my wardrobe for overlooked “good clothes” and wear them or clear them out!

  2. Alice { 04.02.15 at 8:49 am }

    Target has seriously the best tank tops. They’re constantly updating the colors and are super cheap. I probably have 15 of them.

  3. Deb { 04.04.15 at 5:37 am }

    Hi Natalie! This outfit is absolutely gorgeous on you. Edgy, soft, neutral, feminine, classy, gorgeous.
    I like all my clothes to be in prima condition and demote older tees to work outs at the gym. Anything tatty is removed…..I always think I’m worth more. I’m not really one to save things for special occasions either. You may as well wear and enjoy the clothes you’ve spent your money on each and every day. I’ll duplicate if I totally love a certain tee too.
    I’m going to have a look at your favourites now.

  4. Natalie { 04.06.15 at 12:05 pm }

    Deb — I completely agree! I am trying my best to pare down my entire wardrobe to only the things I love and wear. It’s surprisingly difficult (trying to get over the guilt of imperfect purchases) but I’m making strides. Hope all is well!

  5. Natalie { 04.06.15 at 12:07 pm }

    Alice — this is amazing. Why don’t all shirts contain modal??

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