Rest Easy

Bedroom by Studio Ko

Studio Ko Villa E

Will Wick guest bedroom

Will Wick art wall

Nicole Hollis Marin bedroom

How relaxing would it be to wake up in one of these serene, beautiful bedrooms? Ahhh…I want one. Calm and unfussy. We’re in the midst of (very slowly) decorating right now, which means I am once again dreaming of throwing away all our belongings and living one of those sparse, zenned-out spaces, just like the magazines.

That’s of course not going to happen, but it won’t keep me from pining. (Every season, most likely.)

And speaking of decorating, have you tried Kuhler? It is the coolest thing. You upload an image and it extracts harmonious color combinations. It’s addicting! Perfect for creating a color palette. Or 11.

Images 1 and 2 via Studio Ko; 3 and 4 via Wick Design; 5 via Nicole Hollis

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  1. Rachel M. { 03.05.15 at 8:38 pm }

    I LOVE these rooms! Can totally live there! Thanks for getting me dreaming…ha ha…..dreams of bedrooms….!

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