Palette Cleanser

Studio Ko lap pool | Like Fresh Laundry

The Line Coqui Coqui | Like Fresh Laundry

Red canyons of Lake Powell, Arizona | Like Fresh Laundry

Jessica De Ruiter pool | Like Fresh Laundry

Garance Dore Weekend Inspiration No 177 | Like Fresh Laundry

Nature comes up with the most gorgeous color combinations. When it comes to my own clothes and interiors I often opt for vivid hues in small doses, but this copper and ocean blue-green palette is both rich and vibrant, and completely soothing. I will GLADLY take all the color.

Our painted concrete floors are already a ruddy orange and these images make me want to run out and find some bright blue artwork. Or just transport myself to any of these locations. I’m not picky.

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One Response to “Palette Cleanser”

  1. Deb { 04.04.15 at 5:16 am }

    Orange and blue are opposites on the colour wheel and hence combine perfectly. You have treated us to some lovely scenes in the photos here.

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