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Natalie Goel | Like Fresh Laundry

Natalie Goel, Like Fresh Laundry

Natalie Goel, Like Fresh Laundry

Natalie Goel, Like Fresh Laundry

Natalie Goel, Like Fresh Laundry

A.L.C. maxi (also love this one), Clare Vivier messenger bag, Forever 21 denim jacket, Ray-Ban aviators, bracelets thanks to Sweet & Spark

Scored this maxi dress at Jeremy’s recently. It’s white and black and striped (and very soft), so of course I couldn’t resist taking it home with me.

I had visions of wearing it to my friend’s bachelorette in Miami (which was this past weekend) and running around the beach feeling fresh and springy.  My dreams of frolicking on the beach came true, however I did completely neglect to pack the maxi. Whoops.

No matter — if my track record is any indication, I’m thinking I’ll have lots more opportunities to wear it. I got some serious mileage out of my last one (herethere and everywhere). Plus, I already got this one hemmed and that’s half the battle, right?


Road Trip Diaries (Part 2)

grand canyon

After a glorious stay at the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo, we were back on the road. First up, the crown glory of the trip — the Grand Canyon. I visited years ago with family and it was beyond worth another visit. Completely as breathtaking as I remember. 1 grand canyon krystal heather


2 arrived at the grand canyon

 We got a little loopy. I blame the elevation.

3 grand canyon silhouette landscape sunset

We made our way over to the sunset at Kipling Point, after enjoying a few drinks at El Tovar.

After the Grand Canyon, we were off to Vegas. We spent a whopping total of 12 hours there, which was kind of perfect. And after a few hours of gambling, against all odds (literally), I only lost $30 bucks. We came, we consumed, we survived. Vegas success, I’d say.

And trip success as well. Lots more pics from Krystal, Heather and Alicia.

Photos by Krystal and me

Road Trip Diaries (Part 1)

madonna inn spring fever room

Rooooad trip!! Last week I hit the pavement alongside my girls Krystal, Heather and Alicia. It felt amazing to wander from city to city, spend hours catching up with great company and just enjoy the ride.

Stop 1 on the trip was the Madonna Inn. Picture an adult dollhouse where every room has a theme. Freaky and magical! Visiting was kind of a dream of Heather’s, and it was as kitschy and glorious as we had hoped. Above is a taste of the Spring Flowers room (not pictured: floral sinks). Oh, and Krystal captured some great shots of the pink-and-stained-glass EXPLOSION that is their lobby.

After a few glasses of wine and a solid night of sleep in the floral palace (in that order), we packed it up and set back out. Next stop: the Grand Canyon. Here are a few pics from back on the road.

Everlane white silk shirt

Sporting my new favorite silk shirt thanks to Everlane.

road trip landscape

The view for miles.

road trip

My partners in crime.

road trip

Photos by Krystal and me

Modern, Elegant Sofas I Want To Sit On Immediately

modern elegant sofa

modern elegant sofas

My hunt for a sofa has come to a close! The prospect of purchasing one was a little daunting, but also kinda fun. There are tons of options and when you’re the type of person who attempts to see everything before making a decision, it’s not a speedy process.

Anyway, I finally went ahead and bought one this weekend — ahh! More on that soon. Well, not so soon since it takes 10 weeks to create, but soon enough I guess.

Here are some of my favorites from my search. I love the angular designs and clean, slim lines.

one / two / three / four / five / six

Beige, Black, White and Just Right

Jenni Kayne

Athena Calderone Master Bath

Aerin Lauder Aspen Home

Ali Cayne Manhattan Home

Jenni Kayne black wall   Jessica De Ruiter    Hallberg-Wiseley Designers master bathroom

March SF

Turns out, I’m extremely consistent in the spaces I love most — they’re beige, black and white with lots of light and an organic feel. The combination feels soothing and refined, with the right amount of contrast and warmth.

Now that we’re starting to refurnish our home (it’s finally time), I like the idea of investing in neutral pieces and adding depth with pops of color and pattern. That way the major furniture items can grow with us over time. Love shibori and ombre now, but 5 years from now? Who knows. I’m just going to go ahead and save myself from myself. Well, except for maybe a few toss pillows here or there. Nothing wrong with some crazy prints in small doses.

1. Jenni Kayne
2. Athena Calderone
3. Aerin Lauder
4. Ali Cayne
5. Jenni Kayne
6. Jessica de Ruiter
7. Hallberg-Wiseley Designers
8. March

Hello Moto

IMG_8703 opt

Madewell Terrace Dress

Madewell Terrace Dress

Moto jacket

Moto jacket and booties

Moto jacket

Outfit 1: Madewell Terrace Dress, Zara jacket, KORS Michael Kors booties, Target tights, Tory Burch 797 Clutch, Ray-Ban aviators; Outfit 2: T by Alexander Wang dress, Zara jacket, Nina Adelaide booties (c/o), Clare Vivier leopard haircalf clutch, Ray-Ban aviators

Where would my wardrobe be without moto jackets and booties? They’re modern, warm and go with just about everything. While other combos have come and gone, they’ve been a tried-and-true pairing for years — check out some throwbacks featuring a white dress and slit skirt.

Camels and Cheetahs

how to wear neutrals

how to wear neutrals

how to wear neutrals

how to wear neutrals

how to wear neutrals

Cuyana Perfect Tote (c/o), Ray-Ban Clubmaster SunglassesASOS coat, Brighton leather pants, Pickwick & Weller tee (c/o), Nine West pumps (c/o)

Sticking with the basic animals here — camels, cheetahs, cardinals. I think neutrals look chic, and I really appreciate that they shave time off my morning routine.

Although I always wished I were, I’m so not a morning person. I do sometimes plan ahead…but most weekdays once I pry myself out of bed and into the shower, I just put on neutrals in various textures and head out the door. Sometimes with a swipe of red lipstick. It’s makes me feel put together without having to spend much time deciding what to wear.

And that means a few extra minutes of sleep, checking email, shopping or Pinterest-pinning on my phone in the morning. You know, the productive things.

What’s your a.m. routine? Any go-to outfits for work?

Petal Pink

Tibi patchwork leather skirt 2

Tibi patchwork leather skirt 3

Tibi patchwork leather skirt 5

Tibi patchwork leather skirt 4

Tibi patchwork leather skirt 6

Tibi Leather Patchwork Skirt, Shawn Burke x The Podolls Necessaire Clutch, Ann Taylor Silk Camp Shirt, KORS Michael Kors booties, Ray-Ban aviators

Okay, this super pale pink shade has made its way into my last three outfit posts. I guess I’m into it! Soft, fresh and reminds me of ballerinas. Which to me (and everybody, maybe? Why ballerina-hate?) is kind of nice.

It may not have been the best move to wear silk, leather and suede on this rainy day, BUT a happy coincidence is my top matched the cherry blossoms. I’ll add it to the list of good vibes for this color.

All-White Everything

how to wear white jeans

how to wear white jeans

how to wear a white blazer

how to wear white jeans

white jeans white bag

Tibi blazer, Helmut Lang top, Alexander Wang Prisma Tote ( silicone version here), Ever jeans, Ray-Ban aviators, Loeffler Randall sandals (similar)

Crisp whites, winter white, whatever they’re called these days — I think  the fresh palette is now embraced by all year-round. The look does require some fearlessness in the face of spaghetti, inky pens and bus seats, among other things. But courage is a virtue, right?

I do love a clean, white outfit — and I’ve been pretty good about documenting all my favorites. So if you’re in the mood for some more “how to wear white” inspo, head on over.

The Trouser Pant

Joie Bannor Pants (like these too), Alexander Wang Prisma Tote (have you seen the silicone version? so cool), Pickwick & Weller tee (c/o), Loeffler Randall sandals (old, this year’s style here), Ray-Ban aviators, Sweet and Spark bracelets (c/o)

Oh, I love a good trouser pant. They’re this pleasing combination of a tad baggy but still sort of classic. That’s the great thing about menswear-inspired items. They have that cool, tomboyish feel.

I finally got this pair tailored (woop! never an easy hump) and I’m so excited to wear them with crisp whites (like so) or in pink on pink combos this spring.