Final Hours: Shopbop Friends & Family Sale

Shopbop Friends and Family Sale

The Shopbop Friends & Family Sale ends tonight! Get 25% off almost everything with code FAMILY25. It’s one of my favorite sales of the year since you can buy brands that don’t normally get marked down and pieces that tend to sell out before they go on sale.

I finally bought this bag because I’ve been eyeing it for so long. Shop the post below.



Like Fresh Laundry blog | Sweet & Spark jewelry | Christine Sargologos photography

Like Fresh Laundry blog | Sweet & Spark jewelry | Christine Sargologos photography

Like Fresh Laundry blog | Sweet & Spark jewelry | Christine Sargologos photography

Sweet & Spark brooch and cuff, Helmut Lang dress (similar here), Shawn Burke x The Podolls clutch, KORS Michael Kors booties

Another shoot in the Sweet & Spark series! Brooches tend to have elderly lady connotations, thanks to coordinating chunky cardigans. And dickeys. Bless those dickeys.

But most of the time they don’t deserve the bad rap at all. In fact, I love the way they look on asymmetrical necklines. I wanted to wear something big and bold on the strap until I saw this one. It’s so cool and funky and looks right at home on a graphic dress. More brooches over here.

Photos by Christine Saragologos

The Laundry List: My Favorite Weekly Links


Image via The Cut

  1. Garance Dore on the culture of striving for perfection and feeling mediocre in New York City.
  2. An expert eye styling home decor pieces from Target. I really liked this older one too.
  3. So I guess nail art is still a thing. I’d never seen this before!
  4. Interesting insight into one executive chef’s creative process. Skip to 1:24 and watch until 1:33.
  5. We all like fashion magazines, but sometimes we like making fun of them too.

Tale of a Button Down

Like Fresh Laundry blog | Sweet & Spark jewelry | Christine Sargologos photography

Like Fresh Laundry blog | Sweet & Spark jewelry | Christine Sargologos photography

Like Fresh Laundry blog | Sweet & Spark jewelry | Christine Sargologos photography

Bracelets and necklace borrowed from Sweet & SparkJoie jacket, Equipment Slim Signature Blouse (similar here on sale, other colors here), AG Legging Ankle JeansVince Claire Pumps in CappuccinoRay-Ban Aviators

You can always tell when you’ve made a good purchase because you want to put on said garment right away. That’s what I did with this shirt even though it was really ill-advised given the glorious fall heat wave we’re experiencing.

Luckily these photos were snapped immediately after I put this outfit on because minutes later, the jacket came off and my poor silk shirt sort of wilted. It did forgive me and bounce right back later, though, and the fit makes it one of my current favorite button downs in my closet.

Photos by Christine Saragologos


Like Fresh Laundry blog | Sweet & Spark jewelry | Christine Sargologos photography

Like Fresh Laundry blog | Sweet & Spark jewelry | Christine Sargologos photography

Like Fresh Laundry blog | Sweet & Spark jewelry | Christine Sargologos photography

Like Fresh Laundry blog | Sweet & Spark jewelry | Christine Sargologos photography

Necklaces borrowed from Sweet & Spark (wishbone, solitaire, chainlariat), AG Legging Ankle 11 Years Swap Meet, Clare Vivier clutch (old, messenger style here), Ray-Ban AviatorsJ. Crew linen tee, Forever 21 denim jacket, Loeffler Randall sandals

You know those simple gold bangles I wear all the time? These ones? They’re from Sweet & Spark. I first met Jillian, the founder, soon after her company’s launch and recently had the pleasure of running into her again (a year since we last saw each other!) at a party. I love how small SF is.

Last week I got to raid her stash for an upcoming lookbook. She picks out every piece that hits her site and I don’t know how she parts with some of it once it sells! It’s all vintage so the jewelry feels personal and unique. Here I layered up a bunch of gold necklaces to wear with my double denim outfit. More lookbook shoots to come!

Photos by Christine Saragologos

The Laundry List: Skim These, Stat

Like Fresh Laundry | Best Links of the Week

Image via InStyle

Once again, these links aren’t ALL from the past week. I’m taking some liberties here. But they’re all great and well worth it!

Big thanks to my friend Alissa for many of the articles in this week’s roundup. She doesn’t have a site I can link to just yet, but you can get a sense of how cool she is by checking out her prezume (presentation resume, for those who don’t speak SF startup jargon).

  1. Check out Vogue’s 73 questions vid with Sarah Jessica Parker. I know this series has been shared around the Internet quite a bit, but it’s for good reason. Listening to this, how much do you miss Sex and the City?! Yes, I realize SJP is not, in fact, Carrie Bradshaw (and appears to be even more delightful!), but listening to her still gave me a wave of nostalgia. Oh also, feast your eyes. Someday we’ll look back on today’s outfits and feel this way about them. Can’t wait.
  2. These interior designers discuss alternate career paths. I always ask my friends this same question — what would they be doing if they were in a different field and didn’t have to worry about their current skill set, experience or money?
  3. Here’s one person’s take on “Learning to Love Criticism”. It actually reads more like “Putting Criticism in Perspective”, but that’s obviously a really lackluster headline so I see why they went with theirs.
  4. Break me off a piece of that.
  5. What causes you to choose products that promise calm versus excitement? Or re-runs over new shows? Your moods affect your decision-making in unexpected ways!
  6. Here are few time-saving startup finds, also courtesy of Alissa — Canva for easy and good-looking design templates and Fancy Hands for an affordable, ongoing personal assistant who’s based in the US. Sounds like something straight out of The 4-Hour Work Week, right?


Clover Canyon Painted Metal Dress

Clover Canyon Painted Metal Dress

Clover Canyon Painted Metal Dress

Clover Canyon Painted Metal DressClare V. Flat Clutch Supreme in Leopard, Alexander Wang Stasya heels (these are similar)

Normally I dress pretty casually. It’s a California thing. But I’m happy to wear a more formal dress day to day when it’s this comfortable. It’s made out of thick neoprene — so stretchy.

I’ve been wearing these heels a lot (when I don’t have to walk much, anyway) because I like the lightness of them. Still searching for a pair of black flats with a similar feel.

Pecan Pie Smoothie

pecan pie smoothie

Mmmm, pie. I love myself some pie. But I’m resigned to the fact that baking one isn’t going to happen, except maaaaybe on Thanksgiving or around the holidays. I can handle a smoothie though, and this one is so good. The combination of dates and nuts is really yummy and tastes like fall. And it’s rather healthy.

For those who are allergic to tree nuts like pecans, you can easily substitute peanut butter. And if you don’t want to go through the trouble of cracking open a coconut (our method here), you can just use soy milk or rice milk instead. It’s a smoothie. It’s very forgiving. The peanut butter combo is actually the main one pictured above, and the pecan variety is in the tall glass.

pecan pie smoothie recipe


  • 1 coconut (water and meat), or 3/4 cup unsweetened rice or soy milk
  • 4 tablespoons pecans or 3 tablespoons peanut butter
  • 3 dates, pitted
  • 1/4 banana
  • 1 tablespoon cacao nibs
  • 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 3 ice cubes

Instructions: Blend.

pecan pie smoothie

Introducing: The Laundry List

riding a bike

Image via Garance Dore

I’ve been meaning to do a links roundup forever. So here we are! Here are a few corners of the Internet over the past week that resonated with me. And because this is my first one, it’s also a cheat week. Some of these articles and vids are a bit older, but worth including.

  1. Some cool advice videos from Lena Dunham. She nailed the intro.
  2. On riding a bike as an adult and overcoming fear. Inspiring story by a close friend.
  3. I’m recycling a few good posts curated over on Wit + Delight — this one is where my head’s at, in my own way. I don’t 100% relate to this next one, but I like her style and feel like we’d be friends.
  4. They had me at neo-hippie.
  5. Ponytail #2 was from a Refinery29 story I wrote awhile back. Fun fact: It was shot in my living room and the model borrowed my shirt! (This one.)
  6. Behind-the-scenes look at Fashion Week through the lens of Natalie Joos. Curious to see what you think about this one.
  7. Gotta admit, Will Smith is so freaking likable.
  8. For SF’ers: I’ve been giving Amour Vert a lot of love lately. But sounds like they’re having a sweet sample sale!
  9. This one has been circulating far and wide but just in case you haven’t read it, The Crossroads of Should and Must. My girl Katie sent it my way.
  10. “Side Pieces” as performed by Drake at the 2014 ESPY Awards. He’s gutsy. Check out all those football players looking sheepish, (but kinda enjoying themselves, too).

Gold Rush

gold skirt

gold, white, nude

gold skirt

gold skirt

Everlane Silk Point Collar blouse, Elie Tahari gold skirt (old), Vince Claire Pumps in Cappuccino, Alexander Wang Prisma Tote (non croc-effect version here), Ray-Ban Aviators

Lately I tend to like subtle tones. And then there is this crazy gold metallic skirt in my closet and I LOVE it. So shiny. So whoosh-y! So practical. Yeah okay, not so much. But shiny and whoosh-y, yes.

The combination of gold silky fabric and pleats is magic. I always notice a lot of this duo around the holiday season. (Also, oh my god, how is it almost holiday season?) Like this number, for instance. Liquid gold!