The Simplest Closest Update

Neutrals | Like Fresh Laundry

Neutrals | Like Fresh Laundry

Neutrals | Like Fresh Laundry

Splendid tee, Joie jacket, Reliquary necklace, old black necklace, Helmut Lang skirt, Alexander Wang heels (similar), Clare V. bag, Sweet & Spark bracelet (shop my “Master Minimalism” collection here), Spark and Pepper ring

Sometimes it’s surprisingly easy to ignore the wardrobe issues sitting right under your nose, (no pun intended). For the past few years, the part of my closet that consistently bummed me out was my tees and tanks.

I only had a couple I liked, so when I wore sweaters or blouses I’d purposely pick the saddest, oldest and most ill-fitting ones to wear so I didn’t “waste” the good ones on an outfit where you wouldn’t actually see them. But recently I finally bought a few of tees I absolutely love and got rid of the rest. It’s the smallest change, but such an impactful one.

How do you feel about your under layers? Do you invest in them or “save” the ones you like for certain outfits? If you’re in the market, my favorites are this and this from Splendid, this AG tee and this crewneck tee from Vince.

The Essential

Vince Little Boy Tee

Vince Little Boy Tee

Vince Little Boy Tee

Vince Little Boy Tee

Vince Little Boy Tee

Vince Little Boy Tee

Joie jacket (sold out), Vince Little Boy Tee (the best), AG legging ankle jeans (sold out), Alexander Wang heels (sold out), Ray-Bans, Stila Beso Lipstick, vintage necklaces (similar here and here), Alexander Wang Prisma Bag (here in black)

This jacket again! I’ve already done some spring cleaning and culled my closet, so it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. It’s a classic wardrobe staple. According to whom, you might ask?? How about SANDRA MOTHERFREAKIN’ DEE. Or actually, whomever she turned into when she said “goodbye” to Sandra Dee.

It is pleasing and functional, with or without a billowing blond fro. (But preferably with — next time.)

On the Fringe

Cleobella Hendrix Fringe Tote | Like Fresh Laundry

Cleobella Hendrix Fringe Tote | Like Fresh Laundry

Cleobella Hendrix Fringe Tote | Like Fresh Laundry

Cleobella Hendrix Fringe Tote | Like Fresh Laundry

Madewell shirt (sold out), Blank jeans (sold out), Cleobella Hendrix bag (also herehere in tan and here in black), K. Jacques Bikini Wrap Sandals

Fringe! The fringiest. I’m in. You may have seen this tote on the blog “shop” page. I had debated buying it and then it sold out. So recently when it came back in stock I managed to snag it (on sale, yes!) at the Shopbop sitewide event. It only seemed right to wear it with ankle wrap sandals and turquoise jewelry.

Perfect Spring Lunch Date Outfit

Lunch date | Like Fresh Laundry

Isabel Marant Etoile Vicky Baja ShirtKara Fairway Shopper, Ray-Ban Round Sunglasses, Julia Kostreva Tortoise Shell iPhone Case, Toms Brass Leaf Wrap Ring20 Years 20 Slips book for Erica Tanov, Rag & Bone The Skinny High Rise Jeans, Toe-Ring Ankle Strap SandalsJennifer Fisher XL Square Gold-Plated Cuff

I can’t actually wear/bring these to a lunch date because I don’t own any of these items (yet), but if I did I would feel SO FABULOUS. Here are some obsessions, new and old.

In related news, I got a new phone so I’m giving some serious thought to scooping up this case.

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Banana Bread Smoothie

banana bread smoothie

banana bread smoothie recipe

banana bread smoothie

Fresh-baked banana bread is a delicious way to start the morning, if you’re feeling really motivated. But during the week, this is an amazing (and 5-minute) substitution. The flavor is delightful if you like banana bread. And for what it’s worth, walnuts are super foods!

I used thisthis and this recipe as guides. It serves one and is easy enough to make as breakfast. Enjoy!


  • 1 cup milk (any kind)
  • 1 ripe banana
  • 1/2 cup walnuts
  • 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1/4 teaspoon nutmeg
  • 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 2 teaspoons maple syrup
  • 1 teaspoon cacao nibs
  • 5 ice cubes
  • Dash of sea salt

Instructions: Blend.

Amsterdam Tour in 6 Photos

Amsterdam houses

I’m finally getting around to posting photos from our trip back in November! This was among my favorite shots. Amsterdam does black houses so well. It makes the city look very chic.

Amsterdam canal

You can’t see from the photo, but the cars are sitting right up against the canal. A lot of times there wasn’t even a railing separating the two. Walking by, I freaked myself out picturing what it would be like to parallel park along one of those streets.

Amsterdam canal

Canal side dining.

Broek In Waterland sheep

We rented a scooter and rode down to Broek In Waterland, just north of Amsterdam. It’s like a little wonderland full of water (obviously), livestock, and luxurious cottages!

The scooter made the experience more memorable, although way more cold. But we’re softies since Northern California weather is like this.

Broek In Waterland

For anyone who lives in the Bay Area, Broek In Waterland was kind of like the Marin of the Netherlands — clean, upscale and exceptionally pretty.

Broek In Waterland sheep

Animals everywhere! They were cleverly contained by the waterways. Although the cows were not, and they hogged the road earlier.

Not pictured in this round up: great food, coffee, beer and shopping. A favorite boutique was Sukha. It has a cozy, natural vibe, plus a treehouse when you first walk in.

Nude Tones

Nude Tones | Like Fresh Laundry

So I have a weakness for lace-up sandals (I own these and these), and I just happened upon these Fredas. Gorgeous. I love the texture and barely-there color, plus they stop short of wrapping around the ankles so your legs stay looking long. How genius is that?

The Row camisole / Fiele Fragrances perfumeThe Last Magazine / Eddie Borgo cuff (up to 25% off with code BIGEVENT15) / Givenchy nude nail polish / Freda Salvador Lace Ghillie shoesJapanese glassSpark and Pepper earringsFouta towels / Fox Run mortar and pestleNARS liquid eyeliner

Rest Easy

Bedroom by Studio Ko

Studio Ko Villa E

Will Wick guest bedroom

Will Wick art wall

Nicole Hollis Marin bedroom

How relaxing would it be to wake up in one of these serene, beautiful bedrooms? Ahhh…I want one. Calm and unfussy. We’re in the midst of (very slowly) decorating right now, which means I am once again dreaming of throwing away all our belongings and living one of those sparse, zenned-out spaces, just like the magazines.

That’s of course not going to happen, but it won’t keep me from pining. (Every season, most likely.)

And speaking of decorating, have you tried Kuhler? It is the coolest thing. You upload an image and it extracts harmonious color combinations. It’s addicting! Perfect for creating a color palette. Or 11.

Images 1 and 2 via Studio Ko; 3 and 4 via Wick Design; 5 via Nicole Hollis

Recharge the Batteries

dress and sneakers

dress and sneakers

dress and sneakers

Helmut Lang dress (similar), Joie leather jacket (similar), A.L.C. Small Davenport bag (small sold out, full-size here), Skyscape sneaker thanks to Reebok (in “Gravel” color, also here)

Overall, I’m definitely a pants person by default. They’re flattering and functional. But dresses become a lot less daunting with easy footwear. I wore this to the first day of Picnic at the Presidio this weekend and could (literally) run all around in this outfit. Dresses and sneakers — why haven’t I tried this sooner??

To be fair, there wasn’t as much running as I’d like. Mostly just time spent waiting for my meal at the food trucks. (The lines were INSANE.) But after a very hectic week last week, it was actually kind of a relief to spend a lazy Sunday in line, catching up with girlfriends.