Marie Hell Crave Dress

Marie Hell Crave Dress   Marie Hell Crave Dress

Pacific Heights San Francisco

Marie Hell Crave Dress

Marie Hell Crave Dress (c/o), Joie jacket, Clare V. bag (sold out, similar here), Marisa Mason Fauna Cuff, Alexander Wang sandals

I wore this dress Friday to go see The Book of Mormon and wore it again Sunday to go see a two year old. My friend, the toddler’s mom, told me she was jealous that I looked dressy but also comfy. Bingo! When does that ever happen? I am so on board with the combination of classic cuts and jersey material.

7 Kitchens with Open Shelving

General Store SF | Like Fresh Laundry

We completed our move into our new apartment last week and the process was as smooth as you could expect a move to be. There are still boxes everywhere but we’re already loving our new home! Some highlights — it has serene white walls (that are very white at the moment — more art work is in order), an outdoor patio and beautiful oak hardwood floors.

One of the more thoughtful design elements is open shelving in the kitchen. With styling on the brain, here’s a roundup of some inspiring kitchen cabinetry full of ideas to steal.

Above: All right, it’s not an actual kitchen but it might as well be. Here’s a shelfie from General Store, a mainstay boutique in SF. The variety of items and textures adds so much depth and the limited color scheme keeps it cohesive.

WSworkshop modular kitchen | Like Fresh Laundry

Above: If we didn’t rent, I would be very tempted to paint the cabinets black and stock up on contrasting ceramics like this dramatic vignette from WSworkshop.

Kelly Klein, Architectural Digest | Like Fresh Laundry

Above: I love the layered look achieved by stacking cups and plates in subtly different shades. This is from the “Bauhaus-y” home (her words, pretty cool) of photographer Kelly Klein.

Anne Sage kitchen remodel | Like Fresh Laundry

Above: Anne Sage of The City Sage did a kitchen makeover recently, to simple and stunning result. Pretty mix of gray with pops of black and white and wood.

Ikea open shelving | Like Fresh Laundry

Above: This room is all Ikea. Ikea! When I was at an Airbnb in Amsterdam, the couple we were renting from had little jars like this for all their spices and it looked amazing, just like these shelves.

Beth Kirby kitchen remodel | Like Fresh Laundry

Above: Beth Kirby of Local Milk has a way of making everything look like it’s from the days of yore, in the most gorgeous way possible. Lots of white and distressed wood.

Elisabeth Heier kjokken | Like Fresh Laundry

Above: Clean and functional! Interior designer and stylist Elisabeth Heier (also here) has kept it sparse but with a sprig of greenery. Great soap and olive oil packaging, too.

Brand-New Getaway: The Gates Hotel, Key West

Key West The Gates Hotel lobby 2

Considering how much I love fresh seafood and coladas and anything tropical, it’s kind of surprising I’d never made my way to Key West before recently. Somehow the Florida Keys had almost completely escaped our radar (save for the Key Largo shout out in the Beach Boys song) until the brand-new The Gates Hotel invited us to come check it out.

To get there, we flew into Miami and drove down, down, down the beautiful scenic highway connecting the archipelago. The very last island is Key West. Honestly, the Beach Boys were on to something. Between the beach, cocktails by the pool, jet skiing, snorkeling, ocean views, wild roosters (camera-shy but everywhere!) and scrumptious Cuban food, Key West is right up there with the Caribbean in terms of quintessential vacation spots. And really, that makes a lot of sense considering Key West is even closer to Cuba than it is to Miami.

As a backdrop to the days’ activities, The Gates was a great home base. On the one hand, the atmosphere is part party — the cabana bar “Rum Row” sits next to the pool and on some nights, you’ll hear live entertainment while taking a dip. On the other hand, the hotel’s airy, organic vibe makes it super relaxing, too.

Here are a few shots from the hotel and some highlights from the rest of the trip, plus a mini “best of Key West” guide below:

Key West The Gates Hotel pool

Key West The Gates Hotel bed

Key West Danger cruise

The Gates Hotel artwork by Jorge de la Torriente of De La Gallery

Key West bikes

Key West The Gates Hotel succulents

Key West snorkeling

The Gates Hotel artwork by Jorge de la Torriente of De La Gallery

Key West sailboats

Key West home entrance

Key West sailboat sunset

Should you find yourself in the area, here were our most noteworthy Key West restos and happenings:

  • Hogfish Bar & Grill: Laid-back, Tikki-type setting that serves the fresh, lightly fried hogfish tacos of your dreams. The key lime pie is also delish.
  • Danger Charters: Fantastic boating, kayaking and snorkeling and not actually dangerous, just the way I like it. A more mom-and-pop option with a young, hip but knowledgeable crew who we have to thank for our barracuda, eel and rare bird and crab sightings.
  • Frita’s Cuban Burgers: A little gem right off the touristy Duval Street with customizable arepas and fresh fruit slushees. We sampled the mango. The arepas are made of corn, so good for any gluten-free friends.
  • Cayo Mexican Cantina: Food truck with the freshest seafood (the shrimp was so yummy!) and ample portions.
  • Grinnell Street: The cutest tree-lined street with the works, as far as residential neighborhoods go — impressive old homes with white picket fences and lush foliage. The only (understandable) drawback is sharing the street with train tours.
  • El Siboney Restaurant: Generous portions of yummy Cuban food, recommended by locals! The setting is unpretentious and family-style. It was busy when we went but we were still seated within 10 or 15 minutes.
  • Fury Jet Ski Tour: Cruising out on the open sea all the way until you can spot Cuba…this was already a blast but admittedly even better because a fellow rider was a bad mamma jamma older grandmother who was such a speed demon she rode first behind the instructor.

**This post is sponsored by The Gates Hotel. Thanks for supporting our supporters.**

German Chocolate Cake Smoothie

German Chocolate Cake Smoothie | Like Fresh Laundry

German Chocolate Cake Smoothie | Like Fresh Laundry

German Chocolate Cake Smoothie | Like Fresh Laundry

Honestly this tastes more like German chocolate cake-inspired mousse than a smoothie, but no need to complicate things.

The chocolate and sweetness are a tad subtle, the way I like it (although you can amp up both if you prefer by adding more cacao and honey), and the texture is especially rich and creamy thanks to the addition of avocado. But what really gives this drink the yummy cake-esque flair is topping it off with a heap of shredded coconut, reminiscent of frosting.

Word to the wise — you may want a spoon for this one. Bon appétit!


  • 1 cup coconut milk (or any kind of milk)
  • 1 banana
  • 1/2 avocado
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 1 tablespoon pecans
  • 3 ice cubes
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 2 tablespoons coconut flakes, plus more for topping
  • 4 teaspoons cocoa powder

Instructions: Blend.

Ice Cream Sunday

Ice Cream Sunday | Like Fresh Laundry

Ice Cream Sunday | Like Fresh Laundry

Ice Cream Sunday | Like Fresh Laundry

Ice Cream Sunday | Like Fresh Laundry

Ice Cream Sunday | Like Fresh Laundry

In my quest to make the most of the second half of the weekend, we had a few friends over for Ice Cream Sunday recently. It was definitely a repeat event — both because of the sweet, sweet cream consumed (along with gluten- and lactose-free options), and because we bought far too much food.

Coincidentally, we’re moving to a new neighborhood in two weeks, so it ended up kind of doubling as a house cooling party too. Nothing like high sugar content to wash away the bittersweetness. And speaking of washing things away, a tip — lining your counter with postal paper makes ice cream clean-up pretty much non-existent. Huzzah!

Among my favorite concoctions were the old-fashioned root beer floats and lavender and honey-drizzled vanilla. Yes and yes. Until next Sunday…

Lessons from a $20 Jacket


White on white outfit

Vince Little Boy Tee

Forever 21 jacket, Vince Little Boy Tee (also on sale here, here and here), Blank jeans, Clare V. clutch, Ray-Ban Clubmaster Sunglasses, Jenni Kayne flats (similar here, here and here)

For the most part, I try to buy what I love and think I’ll wear for awhile. Sometimes that means investing in high-quality pieces that are worth the higher price tag. And sometimes it means buying a denim jacket at Forever 21. I’ve had, and more importantly worn, this jacket for years and I’m guessing it cost less than $20 when I bought it.

I can’t deny the “cost less than $20” part feels pretty good. But really, feeling good in it matters to me a lot more. If it feels cheap, it’s probably cheap. And if it feels great, no matter if it’s $5 or $500, maybe I’ll even wear it for years to come. For me I think that’s a pretty good goal.

The Laundry List: My Favorite Links of the Week(ish)

100 years of beauty in 1 minute | Like Fresh Laundry

  1. 100 years of beauty in 1 minute is pretty incredible. See here for Caucasian American beauty standards and here for African American. There are also fantastic videos for Iran and North Korea vs. South Korea.
  2. A couple is making fancy bags out of Legos. Pretty cute!
  3. And while we’re on that Lego tip…huh?
  4. Excited to try this much-touted drugstore red lipstick.
  5. We’re apartment-hunting in SF for the first time in six and half years…so yeah. This video.
  6. Another impressive installment of home styling using Target items.
  7. Ooh, loving this unexpected book wall.

Top It Off

Clean spring style | Like Fresh Laundry

Clean spring style | Like Fresh Laundry


Clean spring style | Like Fresh Laundry

Clean spring style | Like Fresh Laundry


Clean spring style | Like Fresh Laundry

Cleobella Hendrix Tote (also here), Vince Claire Pumps (also here), AG Legging Ankle 11 Years Swap MeetRay-Ban Aviators, Everlane Silk Point Collar blouse

Provided you feel good in them, I maintain a button down and jeans is a complete outfit in and of itself. It’s clean and simple and foolproof. Plus, restraint is a virtue, and all that good stuff.

But then chill vibes are also a virtue, (some might say). So — this bag again! I can’t decide if it’s bohemian or country western, but either way, it’s chic and a little out there and I like it.

Branches are the Best Accessory

Branches are the Best Accessory | Like Fresh Laundry

Dogwood is in season! I saw these branches at the flower shop and purchased them immediately without thinking about how to get them home. And thankfully, we did eventually figure out a way to stuff these guys in the car without roughing them up too much. It was so worth it.

I love the wild, free flowing feel of blooming branches and the way they fill up a space. Plus, they make a foolproof arrangement — for once, so simple to recreate at home. Inspiration below…

Nicole Hollis | Like Fresh Laundry

Image via Est Magazine

Branches are the Best Accessory | Like Fresh Laundry

Image via C Home

Branches are the Best Accessory | Like Fresh Laundry

Image via Remodelista

Branches are the Best Accessory | Like Fresh Laundry

Image via Flickr

Branches are the Best Accessory | Like Fresh Laundry

 Image via Archiproducts

Branches are the Best Accessory | Like Fresh Laundry

Image via Elle Decor

Palette Cleanser

Studio Ko lap pool | Like Fresh Laundry

The Line Coqui Coqui | Like Fresh Laundry

Red canyons of Lake Powell, Arizona | Like Fresh Laundry

Jessica De Ruiter pool | Like Fresh Laundry

Garance Dore Weekend Inspiration No 177 | Like Fresh Laundry

Nature comes up with the most gorgeous color combinations. When it comes to my own clothes and interiors I often opt for vivid hues in small doses, but this copper and ocean blue-green palette is both rich and vibrant, and completely soothing. I will GLADLY take all the color.

Our painted concrete floors are already a ruddy orange and these images make me want to run out and find some bright blue artwork. Or just transport myself to any of these locations. I’m not picky.

Images: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5