Would You Do Moody Blue Walls? (Hint: Yes…)

Vincent Van Duysen | Like Fresh Laundry

I know, I’m being presumptuous. But if my beige-loving self can get excited about bold blues, I bet almost anyone can.

To clarify, we didn’t actually choose a blue wall, but it chose us. The kitchen in our apartment is navy and while I wouldn’t have picked the hue myself (neutrals with pops of color is more my thing), I really like it. These images have been inspiring some indigo palettes for our dining area. So many options. Layered blues with organic elements? Black and white and brass? A few prints or patterns??

Decisions, decisions. But of this I am sure — unlike humans, when walls are moody, good things happen.

Catherine Kwong Design | Like Fresh Laundry Catherine Kwong Design | Like Fresh Laundry Casa Tiles - Remodelista | Like Fresh Laundry

image 1 via Vincent Van Duysen / images 2 and 3 via Catherine Kwong Design / image 4 via Remodelista 

One Response to “Would You Do Moody Blue Walls? (Hint: Yes…)”

  1. Rachel { 07.13.15 at 10:58 am }

    The indigo brick kitchen is beautiful. I have an insipid beige wall behind my sink. A dark indigo brick would add drama to the space. Thanks for the heads up!

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