Mint and Maroon




SHOES!! Did I get your attention? Sorry, cheap trick. Like a bad birthday card. But it wasn’t false advertising, because that was the subject of my New Year’s resolution. It was awesomely featured here on Refinery29, along with a list of the articles I’ve written for them.

And Happy New Year! Hope it was great for everyone. I spent mine stuffing my face in Toronto with home-cooked Indian meals, followed by Japanese and Italian fine dining in NYC with Chris’s family, as is our tradition. (Yes, I generally describe my vacations in terms of food.) This year felt even longer and more restful than usual since we snuck in a few movies and lazy mornings, not to mention having an extra couple of days off. Here’s to a 2012 filled with even more joy (and fabulous footwear).

12 Responses to “Mint and Maroon”

  1. Michelle { 01.01.12 at 10:56 pm }

    Wonderful as always! Simply beautiful.


  2. Hannah { 01.02.12 at 8:02 am }

    I love the color combination!

  3. RosaLovesDC { 01.02.12 at 1:40 pm }

    Happy New Year lady. Looking forward to your posts in 2012.

  4. Jess { 01.02.12 at 2:35 pm }

    Lovely pictures. Happy New Year!

    The Vintage Huntress

  5. Kassandra { 01.02.12 at 8:13 pm }

    love the unusual combo of mint and burgundy! Are you Canadian? hope you had a wonderful holiday!
    <3 Kastles

  6. Kristen { 01.02.12 at 10:17 pm }

    I so love this look. You have really mastered the romantic look. The color combo is unique but the flow-y silhouette are masterful. Beautiful, thanks for the inspiration. -Kristen

  7. Jessie { 01.03.12 at 11:05 pm }

    super cute! love your blog

  8. RosesAreRed { 01.06.12 at 7:33 pm }

    I love this outfit, very chic. Did I tell you I love your writing style ‘n articles!!

  9. Deanna { 01.07.12 at 6:22 pm }

    Natalie, these photos are absolutely gorgeous, and those colors look beautiful together!

  10. Cee Cee { 01.10.12 at 8:33 pm }

    Love these color combinations, maroon is such a great color for the season

    xo Cee Cee
    @Ceecee’s Inspirations Blog

  11. Hogger & Co. { 01.11.12 at 9:02 am }

    How lovely are you? I just stumbled across your blog!

  12. Sarah { 01.30.12 at 9:07 am }

    This is my first time seeing your blog and I have to say that I love your style and you are totally adorable! Will be back :)

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