Holiday DIY: Marc Jacobs Monster Fur Hat


The Marc Jacobs “Monster Fur Hat” retails for $278, and it’s probably worth every penny if you really want people to stop and stare. But for those of us who only want a taste of monster-osity, it makes a fun holiday DIY that combines the spirit of both Halloween and Christmas.  Optional: layer earmuffs beneath the afro visor and nutcracker hat to simulate the ear flaps.

3 Responses to “Holiday DIY: Marc Jacobs Monster Fur Hat”

  1. Chris { 12.09.10 at 9:43 pm }

    Haha…that hat is ugly as hell.

  2. Natalie { 12.09.10 at 9:44 pm }

    That it is, Chris. That it is.

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    […] Your outfit’s smokin’. All eyes are on you. Until…some chick shows up wearing a monster fur hat. […]

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