The Laundry List: Skim These, Stat

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Once again, these links aren’t ALL from the past week. I’m taking some liberties here. But they’re all great and well worth it!

Big thanks to my friend Alissa for many of the articles in this week’s roundup. She doesn’t have a site I can link to just yet, but you can get a sense of how cool she is by checking out her prezume (presentation resume, for those who don’t speak SF startup jargon).

  1. Check out Vogue’s 73 questions vid with Sarah Jessica Parker. I know this series has been shared around the Internet quite a bit, but it’s for good reason. Listening to this, how much do you miss Sex and the City?! Yes, I realize SJP is not, in fact, Carrie Bradshaw (and appears to be even more delightful!), but listening to her still gave me a wave of nostalgia. Oh also, feast your eyes. Someday we’ll look back on today’s outfits and feel this way about them. Can’t wait.
  2. These interior designers discuss alternate career paths. I always ask my friends this same question — what would they be doing if they were in a different field and didn’t have to worry about their current skill set, experience or money?
  3. Here’s one person’s take on “Learning to Love Criticism”. It actually reads more like “Putting Criticism in Perspective”, but that’s obviously a really lackluster headline so I see why they went with theirs.
  4. Break me off a piece of that.
  5. What causes you to choose products that promise calm versus excitement? Or re-runs over new shows? Your moods affect your decision-making in unexpected ways!
  6. Here are few time-saving startup finds, also courtesy of Alissa — Canva for easy and good-looking design templates and Fancy Hands for an affordable, ongoing personal assistant who’s based in the US. Sounds like something straight out of The 4-Hour Work Week, right?

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  1. Deb { 10.06.14 at 11:40 am }

    Loved these reads. SJP questionnaire was fun….nice to have a peek in her home too. She is one New Yorker I would so love to meet! Great concept in ‘ Break me off a bit of that’. Thanks Natalie.

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