The Laundry List: My Favorite Links of the Week(ish)


Image via Food52

  1. Perfect corn muffins? That’s all you had to say.
  2. There is an ad for “Normal Barbie” and it’s amazing.
  3. Scientists tried to figure out why Indian food is so damn tasty, and they did. Here’s why.
  4. Advice on how to reconcile seeking beauty with finding depth.
  5. And speaking of imperfection, behold this wabi-sabi dream hotel.
  6. Because brunettes need dry shampoo too.

One Response to “The Laundry List: My Favorite Links of the Week(ish)”

  1. Alice { 03.10.15 at 1:52 pm }

    I went from this post to confirming my order for Klorane brunette dry shampoo in approximately 26 seconds.

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