The Laundry List: My Favorite Links of the Week(ish)

100 years of beauty in 1 minute | Like Fresh Laundry

  1. 100 years of beauty in 1 minute is pretty incredible. See here for Caucasian American beauty standards and here for African American. There are also fantastic videos for Iran and North Korea vs. South Korea.
  2. A couple is making fancy bags out of Legos. Pretty cute!
  3. And while we’re on that Lego tip…huh?
  4. Excited to try this much-touted drugstore red lipstick.
  5. We’re apartment-hunting in SF for the first time in six and half years…so yeah. This video.
  6. Another impressive installment of home styling using Target items.
  7. Ooh, loving this unexpected book wall.

One Response to “The Laundry List: My Favorite Links of the Week(ish)”

  1. Deb { 04.14.15 at 10:08 pm }

    Hi Natalie. Some fun viewing here…I especially loved the 100 years of beauty and the dark book wall. I like the idea of doing something like that in our study. Good luck with the apartment hunting!
    Regards. Deb

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