Petal Pink

Tibi patchwork leather skirt 2

Tibi patchwork leather skirt 3

Tibi patchwork leather skirt 5

Tibi patchwork leather skirt 4

Tibi patchwork leather skirt 6

Tibi Leather Patchwork Skirt, Shawn Burke x The Podolls Necessaire Clutch, Ann Taylor Silk Camp Shirt, KORS Michael Kors booties, Ray-Ban aviators

Okay, this super pale pink shade has made its way into my last three outfit posts. I guess I’m into it! Soft, fresh and reminds me of ballerinas. Which to me (and everybody, maybe? Why ballerina-hate?) is kind of nice.

It may not have been the best move to wear silk, leather and suede on this rainy day, BUT a happy coincidence is my top matched the cherry blossoms. I’ll add it to the list of good vibes for this color.

2 Responses to “Petal Pink”

  1. Kellie The Shoe Diva { 02.05.14 at 8:08 am }

    The silk and leather combo looks fabulous. Who cares if it’s raining haha

  2. The 109 Block { 02.10.14 at 4:55 am }

    I am so in love with your style! Perfection.

    Much Love, L

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