French Island Life in Corsica

Cap Corse | Like Fresh Laundry

Lots of updates to share — we’re back from a trip to Corsica, Italy and Istanbul. One for the books. So first up, Corsica! I’d chanced upon images of Corsica a few times online. It had stunning beaches and the bluest water I have ever seen (so it seemed in the photos, anyway) and that’s all it really took for me to start wanting to plan a trip there. Badly.

So I convinced Chris we should go, although he didn’t need much convincing. Having now returned from the island, I can confirm the beaches are ridiculously blue and just as they appear in the pictures.

Erbalunga, Corsica | Like Fresh Laundry

Some background — Corsica is an island off the coast of France, and a popular vacation spot for French families. But since we visited after “summer break” was over it was just us, locals, and a few French senior citizens, for the most part. Calm waters on all fronts. I’d describe Corsica as nonstop gorgeous beaches (that’s saying a lot but I don’t think it’s hyperbole here) and wild, unspoiled beauty.

Erbalunga, Corsica | Like Fresh Laundry

Corsica is fiercely nationalistic and some Italians who visit frequently told us it has the reputation for opposing (okay, bombing) property on the island purchased by outsiders. And while the lore is probably overblown, it has contributed to preserving the natural beauty of the territory. The land is still relatively undeveloped and untouched by tourism. The whole place is cliffs after charming towns after cliffs.

The photos above were taken in Bastia, the northern tip of the island, right after we flew in and got settled at our hotel.

Cap Corse | Like Fresh Laundry

Cap Corse | Like Fresh Laundry

Cap Corse | Like Fresh Laundry

More vistas and more vistas!

Island cows on Barcaggio Beach, Corsica | Like Fresh Laundry

I was worried I had under packed but this was absolutely not the case in Corsica. The coast is one beach after another, so it was just swimsuits and cover ups the whole time. And on another note, check out these island cows. They just chill on the beach because why not?

Barn in Saint-Florent, Corsica | Like Fresh Laundry

Bonifacio, Corsica | Like Fresh Laundry

Directly above is Bonifacio, a town perched on top of sheer cliffs.

Floating, Petit Sperone beach in Corsica | Like Fresh Laundry

And here is Plage du Petit Speron, one of the most celebrated beaches on the island, and one of our favorites, too. You walk for about 10 minutes, head down the steps cut into the cliffs and it opens up to a small, paradise-like cove.

Palombaggia Beach, Corsica | Like Fresh Laundry

Another favorite beach, and one of our fondest memories from the entire stay, was Palombaggia. It’s a spot everyone raves about so we were worried it would be crowded, but actually the opposite was the case! We arrived just before sunset and had the place to ourselves. The water was so still and stayed relatively shallow a ways out so we alternated between wading into the distance and taking tons of pictures when the sky turned to spectacular cotton candy colors.

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  1. Denise de Assis { 10.01.15 at 4:44 pm }

    I absolutly love those photos!! So peaceful and perfect! :)
    Kisses from Portugal

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  2. Yasmin { 10.02.15 at 2:56 pm }

    These photos are stunning! They capture the blue you describe oh so well. And those are probably the happiest cows I’ve ever seen. I would love to visit Corsica. It looks like a dream vacation. I missed your posts! Please post more often :)

    xx Yasmin

  3. Kirsten Wick { 10.05.15 at 4:56 am }

    This look absolutely amazing, would love to visit! Love, Kirsten x

  4. Alice { 10.06.15 at 9:31 am }

    Houston’s going to look exactly like this, oui?

  5. Deb { 10.08.15 at 4:21 pm }

    I visited this island several years ago and like you two, very much enjoyed its beauty. It is nice to see it again in the frame of your gorgeous photos from your recent trip. Glad you had a wonderful time Natalie.

  6. Deb { 10.08.15 at 4:23 pm }

    P.S. Like Yasmin, I missed your posts too. Glad you are back Nat!!!

  7. Natalie { 10.12.15 at 1:02 am }

    Thank you, Deb! :)

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