An Entire Alexander Wang Knockoff Outfit for Less Than $200

Alexander Wang must be one of the most knocked-off designers around right now. How else would it be possible to replicate an entire A. Wang ensemble under $200? It’s out of control.


Here’s the original. It totals$1,474.50.

Goddess dress: Sold out. Similar style $417
Brenda zip chain bag $725
Toni mules $332.50


And here’s the faux-Wang. Total cost: $198.81.

Victoria’s Secret one-shoulder dress: $39.99
Asos across body bag: $33.82
Jeffrey Campbell AC Milano: $125

So first off, the mini. I’m beginning to think I don’t give Victoria’s Secret clothes enough credit. First there was this chambray corset dress in Refinery29, and now this plum drapey number. (I’m sorry, it’s not actually plum – it’s “jazzberry”. Jazz hands!) The dress is so cute I’m even willing to overlook the unfortunate picture of this model’s face.

Add to it the replica Toni mules (or rather a hybrid of the Toni and the Trish), throw in a faux Brenda bag and sha-bam! You’ve got yourself a full-on Alexander Wang knockoff outfit for less than $200.

Cute or criminal?

2 Responses to “An Entire Alexander Wang Knockoff Outfit for Less Than $200”

  1. Ashley { 06.25.10 at 11:55 pm }

    Cute Victoria’s Secret dress! But I still will always love and want the authentic Brenda bag!

  2. Sherin { 06.27.10 at 3:03 am }

    Great alternative. I really love the Victoria Secret dress!

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