Grapefruit and Mint

Grapefruit and Mint | Like Fresh Laundry

So I guess I’m kinda into pastels now? For a long time I’ve felt like they weren’t really my thing. But I think that’s because when I thought of pastels, I thought of plastic Easter egg colors. Although honestly, even those are starting to have their appeal. The tides may be turning! Or maybe it’s a spring thing. Or probably, I just didn’t realize there’s a whole world of muted hues out there, including some pretty cute options, when combined more carefully.

Grapefruit and Mint | Like Fresh Laundry

I was looking through my “Colors” Pinboard recently and a clear grapefruit-plus-mint-green color combo emerged. It’s a good-looking duo — and side note — it’s also a tasty one, and Bobby Flay knows it. Anyway, these are also the same shades you find at the beach time time of year. Who could dislike that?

Grapefruit and Mint | Like Fresh Laundry

To honor my newfound attraction, I rounded up a bunch of beautiful objects in soft, sandy and ocean-y tones. Happy spring shopping!

Grapefruit and Mint | Like Fresh Laundry

items: lotion / sunglasses / pitcher / toaster / bag / hat / carafe / grinders / vasetassel keychain / heels

images: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

5 Beauty Favorites

Tata Harper Nourishing Oil Cleanser, Vintner's Daughter Active Botanical Cleanser, Cavallo Point Lavender Eucalyptus Shampoo

I would never begrudge my no-name hypoallergenic standbys. But — there is something to be said about using beauty products that actually excite you, whether they work well on your skin, smell amazing or have beautifully-designed packaging. My favorite loot usually has some combination of the three.

One of the perks of being a blogger is being able to test out a bunch of products that are sent my way. And through this process, I’ve developed a few favorites.

NUDE Skincare Perfect Cleanse Omega Cleansing Jelly, EvolvH UltraShine Moisture Shampoo

So in the realms of skincare and haircare, here’s what I’m loving at the moment.

Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum: I know the whole oil-based beauty craze has been going on for awhile now, but only recently have I become a convert. I love the way this smells and it feels luxurious on my skin. Plus, it’s made not too far away, over in Napa Valley. I’ve been using it every morning and night. The bottle is beautiful, too. Like a little apothecary touch for my counter.

Tata Harper Nourishing Oil Cleanser: Don’t think you’d be into an oil-based cleanser? Neither did I. Never say never! The scent is somewhat subtle, but so good. It’s recommended for dry skin and it leaves the skin feeling super moisturized, but I find it’s a great fit for my combination and sensitive skin. It doubles as a makeup remover, and it’s an effective one at that.

Cavallo Point Lavender Eucalyptus Shampoo: I spent a night at the gorgeous Cavallo Point hotel and liked their lavender eucalyptus shampoo so much I bought a bottle at their spa shop before heading out. It smells amazing (if you like lavender and eucalyptus, of course), and it also strikes a nice balance of leaving my scalp feeling clean but not too dry.

NUDE Skincare Perfect Cleanse Omega Cleansing Jelly (also here): This one is really gentle and great for when I don’t want to disrupt my skin. And I mean gentle — it feels more like lotion than soap. In case it looks familiar, I’ve put it in a holiday roundup. Yep, I’ve been using it for awhile now.

EvolvH UltraShine Shampoo: So what’s shown in the photo is the styling cream — but I’m obsessed with the shampoo! The only reason I didn’t put it in the picture is because I only have a teeny-tiny bit left in my (admittedly also tiny) bottle. I’m pretty picky when it comes to shampoo. This one doesn’t dry out my scalp at all and doesn’t leave it feeling oily, either. Just right.

The Red Lip

Fair Isle Leggings | Like Fresh Laundry

Fair isle leggings | Like Fresh Laundry

Fair Isle Leggings | Like Fresh Laundry

Maybelline Color Elixir lip color c/o Refinery29 and Maybelline, Madewell chambray shirt, Joie Morie Sweater (similar here on sale), J. Crew heels, Cuyana Perfect Tote (c/o)

Look, my lipstick’s so glossy! Fun, huh? Refinery29 and Maybelline asked if I wanted to try out some of the new Color Elixer #lipmagic shades. They come in a lip gloss tube but the color is saturated and rich and very satisfying.

The timing is just right because I start experimenting with more dramatic makeup when the holiday season hits. Bold lip color makes me feel more festive — and as evidenced by my fair isle crazypants, that’s how I like to feel this time of year. I’m sporting the shade “Signature Scarlet” here but “Fuchsia Flourish” is another great one. Hot pink, I’m all over it.

(Hair) Style Icons

There is so much to adore when it comes to the personal style of fashion gurus Yasmin Sewell and Masha Orlov – Yasmin’s comfy-but-ultra-chic ensembles, Masha’s energetic vibe, and for both, a sense of effortlessness. But one of the most defining aspects of their looks isn’t their outfits, it’s their cropped curly cuts. How does their hair always look so wild but perfect?


Image of Stylist Masha Orlov via Refinery29


Image of Fashion Consultant Yasmin Sewell via The Sartorialist

Every time I see pictures of either of them, I’m tempted to chop off my hair again. It’s shoulder-length now, but here’s my cut from a few months back:


I have to keep reminding myself I only loved it for a week or two before I was over it and frustrated on bad hair days when it was too short to pull back in a ponytail. Still, looking at images of Yasmin and Masha tempts me to give it another go.