The Secret Life of Anna Dello Russo

Seriously, I’m shocked. So here are the facts: 1. She is the fashion director of Vogue Nippon. 2. She is known for wearing entire head-to-toe runway looks. 3. She just created a line of T-shirts sold at Yoox depicting the most stylish outfits she’s worn to fashion events. 4. She’s a regular fixture on elite streetstyle blogs Streetpeeper, Garance Doré and The Sartorialist.

But what does she wear on weekends? “I wear fleece from Abercrombie,” she told NYMag. Fleece from Abercrombie?? I can’t believe it. Is she hiding Uggs in her closet too?


via Garance Doré


via Easy Fashion

To be fair, she doesn’t wear her Abercrombie pants out and about. “If I go to my friend’s house or wherever, I dress up,” she said. “I always dress up.”

So next time you skip the festivities and decide to stay in and watch marathon reruns of What Not to Wear (don’t pretend you haven’t done it), you can laugh at Stacy and Clinton as they advise fashion victims to wear cashmere pants instead of sweats on the weekends. Because let’s be honest, that advice is whack. Even Anna Dello Russo would agree.

2 Responses to “The Secret Life of Anna Dello Russo”

  1. districtofchic { 07.01.10 at 5:44 pm }

    hahaha, I can’t picture her wearing a fleece from Abercrombie either!!!

  2. mr.freddy's mom { 07.01.10 at 7:43 pm }

    really? it’s hard for me to believe wearing fleece
    from Abercrombie, huh!I adore her style so much!

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