French Island Life in Corsica

Cap Corse | Like Fresh Laundry

Lots of updates to share — we’re back from a trip to Corsica, Italy and Istanbul. One for the books. So first up, Corsica! I’d chanced upon images of Corsica a few times online. It had stunning beaches and the bluest water I have ever seen (so it seemed in the photos, anyway) and that’s all it really took for me to start wanting to plan a trip there. Badly.

So I convinced Chris we should go, although he didn’t need much convincing. Having now returned from the island, I can confirm the beaches are ridiculously blue and just as they appear in the pictures.

Erbalunga, Corsica | Like Fresh Laundry

Some background — Corsica is an island off the coast of France, and a popular vacation spot for French families. But since we visited after “summer break” was over it was just us, locals, and a few French senior citizens, for the most part. Calm waters on all fronts. I’d describe Corsica as nonstop gorgeous beaches (that’s saying a lot but I don’t think it’s hyperbole here) and wild, unspoiled beauty.

Erbalunga, Corsica | Like Fresh Laundry

Corsica is fiercely nationalistic and some Italians who visit frequently told us it has the reputation for opposing (okay, bombing) property on the island purchased by outsiders. And while the lore is probably overblown, it has contributed to preserving the natural beauty of the territory. The land is still relatively undeveloped and untouched by tourism. The whole place is cliffs after charming towns after cliffs.

The photos above were taken in Bastia, the northern tip of the island, right after we flew in and got settled at our hotel.

Cap Corse | Like Fresh Laundry

Cap Corse | Like Fresh Laundry

Cap Corse | Like Fresh Laundry

More vistas and more vistas!

Island cows on Barcaggio Beach, Corsica | Like Fresh Laundry

I was worried I had under packed but this was absolutely not the case in Corsica. The coast is one beach after another, so it was just swimsuits and cover ups the whole time. And on another note, check out these island cows. They just chill on the beach because why not?

Barn in Saint-Florent, Corsica | Like Fresh Laundry

Bonifacio, Corsica | Like Fresh Laundry

Directly above is Bonifacio, a town perched on top of sheer cliffs.

Floating, Petit Sperone beach in Corsica | Like Fresh Laundry

And here is Plage du Petit Speron, one of the most celebrated beaches on the island, and one of our favorites, too. You walk for about 10 minutes, head down the steps cut into the cliffs and it opens up to a small, paradise-like cove.

Palombaggia Beach, Corsica | Like Fresh Laundry

Another favorite beach, and one of our fondest memories from the entire stay, was Palombaggia. It’s a spot everyone raves about so we were worried it would be crowded, but actually the opposite was the case! We arrived just before sunset and had the place to ourselves. The water was so still and stayed relatively shallow a ways out so we alternated between wading into the distance and taking tons of pictures when the sky turned to spectacular cotton candy colors.

7 Ways to Display Air Plants

7 Ways to Display Air Plants | Like Fresh Laundry

Air plants are just a part of life in California. They’re everywhere and are so cool and crazy-looking! And because of their freaky, wild tendrils, plus the fact that they don’t require soil (still a little mind-bending no matter how many times I see them), people around here tend to get really creative in the ways they show them off.

I did some shopping in Oakland a couple weeks ago and every boutique found a different way to display them — in dishes, on cake plates, in tiny hanging planters, even perched on top of pebbles. The possibilities are really endless for these guys since they get all their water and nutrients through their leaves.

So I got inspired to do some air plant rearranging at home. Our tillandsia, as they’re technically called, are now nestled in ceramics and a conch shell, pictured above. And in case you’re doing a little redecorating of your own, here are six more ideas to get the juices flowing. Get your driftwood and snail shells ready…

7 Ways to Display Air Plants | Like Fresh Laundry

7 Ways to Display Air Plants | Like Fresh Laundry

7 Ways to Display Air Plants | Like Fresh Laundry

7 Ways to Display Air Plants | Like Fresh Laundry 7 Ways to Display Air Plants | Like Fresh Laundry

7 Ways to Display Air Plants | Like Fresh Laundry

Images via my home, Floragrubb, Lonny, Gardenista, Mrs. Peasy, Airplantman and Remodelista

Black, White and Gold

Black and white | Like Fresh Laundry

Black and white | Like Fresh Laundry

Black and white | Like Fresh Laundry

Shoes c/o Shoes of Prey, Vince tee (also here), Helmut Lang skirt (similar here in black and short version here), Stila Beso lipstick, A.L.C. bag (larger size in silver on sale here), Samantha Wills bracelet (another cute one here), Ray-Bans

Black, white and gold — one of the best and simplest color combinations. Happy Monday!


Flare jeans

Flare jeans

Flare jeans | Like Fresh Laundry

Flare jeans

AG jeans, Clare V. clutch (old, fold over clutch here, crossbody style here and messenger here), Topshop tank, J. Crew belt, Topshop jacket, Erica Tanov sandals, Ray-Bans

For much of my life I’ve had relatively modern wardrobe tendencies but as a West Coast transplant, California style has been seeping in over the years. I think my Canadian tuxedo here (and this one and actually this one, too) are telltale signs of the transition. And it’s at its peak right now — I get my most boho in the summer.

But then again, maybe we all do? It’s a slippery slope when the sun starts to comes out. First the sandals, then the flares, and before you know it you’re lounging around in crochet dresses.


Suno | Like Fresh Laundry

Shoes of Prey | Like Fresh Laundry

Suno dress, Shoes of Prey sandals (c/o), Clare V. messenger bag, Ray-Ban Aviators

Before we moved into our apartment, one of the areas that caught our eye during the open house was the porch. It was tastefully dotted with these lush plants and shrubs and the owner was kind enough to leave them in our care after he left. We loved the little urban jungle. It’s a luxury in the city to look outside and get to see so much green. Ahh…

The sad part was, during the weeks after he moved out but before we moved in, a couple of the plants died. So sad for the little guys, and honestly it was kind of a bummer to look out the window and see some dead foliage. So we finally went to the nursery this weekend and are now the proud owners of a lemon tree! It was our first large plant purchase, although to be fair, it’s not that large since it’s a dwarf. But nevertheless — a lemon tree! We named it Liz Lemon because as I may have mentioned before, we’re better at keeping our plants alive and thriving when we christen them.

And in other news, my Shoes of Prey arrived. You get to design them yourself which is really as fun as it sounds. I’ve been wanting pair of black sandals with a low, chunky heel for awhile now so I created them. I’m really liking the way they turned out! The site offers a ridiculous number of styles and fabrics though, so next time around I’m going wild.

Green Banana Almond Smoothie

Green Banana Almond Smoothie | Like Fresh Laundry

If you’re familiar with The Plant Cafe Organic in the Bay Area then maybe you, too, are already obsessed with this smoothie. It’s possible all of the store’s flavors are great but I would never know because I tried the green banana almond early on and that was it. Didn’t even bother trying anything else.

The nice thing about smoothie shops is they list all the ingredients so it’s easy to use them as a jumping off point to mix up something similar at home. I especially like this blend because it’s not overly sweet. (Side note: it also calls for almond butter so it allows me to use the make-your-own nut butter machine at Whole Foods. Anyone else addicted to that thing?) Dig in!


  • 1 cup almond milk
  • 1/2 cup almond butter
  • 1 stem kale
  • 1 banana
  • Handful of ice cubes

Instructions: Blend.

Green Banana Almond Smoothie | Like Fresh Laundry

Green Banana Almond Smoothie | Like Fresh Laundry

Swimsuits: One Love

The Line NYC Swim | Like Fresh Laundry

Line Magazine Venice Beach Bum | Like Fresh Laundry

Erica Tanov | Like Fresh Laundry

It’s go time folks. It’s high summer, which means it’s time to unveil that beach body you’ve been working on, (or haven’t, whatever). Choosing the right swimsuit option is like a game of Goldilocks — you don’t want to show too much skin, or too little, but instead find something just right. We’ve found the answer in the form of some surprisingly sexy one-pieces.

Between a few plunging necklines, well-placed seams and cutouts, it’s good looks on the maillot front. Shop our favorite one-and-done picks below.

Images via The Line, Line Magazine, Erica Tanov


Equipment Slim Signature Silk Stripe Shirt | Like Fresh Laundry

Equipment Slim Signature Silk Stripe Shirt | Like Fresh Laundry

Equipment Slim Signature Silk Stripe Shirt | Like Fresh Laundry

Equipment Slim Signature Silk Stripe Shirt | Like Fresh Laundry

Equipment Slim Signature Striped Shirt (sold out — another cute one is here), Cuyana bag, AG Ankle Legging Jeans, Ray-Bans, K. Jacques Bikini Wrap Sandals (I like these too) 

Blue and white stripes are classic for summer and there is a lot of summer left! I love a good button down and I have the feeling I’ll be wearing this one a lot since of course, it rarely gets overly warm in SF. Hope you had a great weekend.

Would You Do Moody Blue Walls? (Hint: Yes…)

Vincent Van Duysen | Like Fresh Laundry

I know, I’m being presumptuous. But if my beige-loving self can get excited about bold blues, I bet almost anyone can.

To clarify, we didn’t actually choose a blue wall, but it chose us. The kitchen in our apartment is navy and while I wouldn’t have picked the hue myself (neutrals with pops of color is more my thing), I really like it. These images have been inspiring some indigo palettes for our dining area. So many options. Layered blues with organic elements? Black and white and brass? A few prints or patterns??

Decisions, decisions. But of this I am sure – unlike humans, when walls are moody, good things happen.

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image 1 via Vincent Van Duysen / images 2 and 3 via Catherine Kwong Design / image 4 via Remodelista